Mandana Covings

Being the only Mines Holder we are pioneer in manufacturing Mandana Red Stone Covings for pharmaceutical floorings, the company has supplied more than 20,000 RFT of Stone Covings in the market with respect to the clause of WHO-GMP, Schedule-M for coving the corners i.e. for avoiding dust accumulation and easy cleaning practice in pharmaceuticals flooring

Corners gives rise to bacterial,fungal or insect growth. Red Mandana Covings are used in corners in such infrastructures where hygiene is given the foremost priority. It can be said technically that covings are used generally where clean room concepts are used. Mostly such clean room concepts are required in WHO-GMP certified pharmaceuticals, food industry, dairy industries, cold storages and many other places where corners of floorings are avoided for dust accumulation. Irrespective of the industries mentioned, our covings are widely used.

Size : As per the buyers requirement.


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