About Us

Mandana Stone Company is the largest producer of Acid Resistant Red Mandana. We are the only Legal Lease Holders of mines of Acid Proof Red Mandana Sandstone at Kasar, Mandana, India.

We have extensive mining operations and are regular supplier of Acid Proof Red Mandana Stone through out India to actual user industries like Chemical Industries, Pharmaceuticals Industries & Dairy federations for their construction and flooring needs.

We have good field experience in providing laying of Acid / Alkali Red Mandana Stone Lining We have tie ups with manufacturer of world class ACID / ALKALI PROOF : Cements, Resins, Mortars, Carbon / Graphite Tiles and its mortars.


From Mines to Your Floor We cater to Everything
Mandana Stone Company possesses state-of-the-art-technology backed by a team of highly qualified professionals striving for innovation and quality. The company has highly mechanized quarries producing the best quality of materials. Our stock yard has a ready stock of more than 50,000 sq.mt.(about 100 container loads) of stones of varying dimension.

Behind every stone produced by us stand a remarkable team of top managers, trade suppliers, craftsmen and customer service representatives. In our large processing unit, we have deployed latest technology and state of the art machines for calibration; polishing, tumbling, sand blasting, edge cutting and engraving etc.

Skilled teams of more than 70 people are working in our factory & stock yard.

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